David Feherty for Bridgestone Golf (Social Media/Conference)

Good Eats 10th Anniversary LIVE show

Jimmy Carter for Microsoft’s Bing.com/politics “The Importance of the State of the Union Address”

Doug Tatum, author of “No Man’s land” for Economy Heroes

Bridgestone Golf, B330 ball launch in USA and Japan. Couples, Snedeker, Love, Kuchar, Price and Trevino. One of a package.

Ewell Smith, executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board in one of series of testimonials for “Ready 4 Takeoff Coalition”.

One of a series of studio shoots with Mr Herman Cain.

Pet-Zet.com is a “Huffington Post” for pets, or if you like a “Ruffington Post”. Below are several videos shot and edited by me for the website. Most involve puppets. The Loews Hotel segment is a tour for 4-legged visitors to the Atlanta Loews Hotel.

More to come from General Electric, Kai Inc, Sonoco Products, etc